As a flame retarder of emulsion paint, SOUFA.

I’m thinking it’s possible to use SOUFA as a flame retarder of emulsion paint.
We make the fire retardancy of the wood a research subject originally.

Therefore it isn’t being studied mostly about the material of anything but a wood, so you can’t say a correct thing…, I can think it can be applied as a flame retarder of water-based emulsion paint.

It’s possible to thin water-based emulsion paint with water.
SOUFA is the same feel of a material as approximate water, water solubility, it’s a flame retarder. Therefore it’ll be possible to thin an aqueous emulsion so that it may be thinned with water.

Are phosphoric acid ancestry, aluminum hydroxide ancestry and BUROMU ancestry antimony system as the flame retarder used for an aqueous emulsion so far?
It also seems to assume use at a site in those and be a lot of goods a product is selling as 2 liquid. SOUFA is a basin system flame retarder, so you can mix like water, so can’t you think as a new flame retarder of flame retardant coating?


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